Look! Look! I made a new page

I thought that I’d let you guys know that I’ve made a new page/tab that’s dedicated to one of my loves; Instrumental music. I’ve also had another page, 80’s Rock, there for a while and I don’t know if you’ve noticed it …

Um, it seems like my Copyright page just took a piggyback ride on my About page and I’ve been trying to fix that but to no avail. I made an attempt to make those ‘drop down’ menu thingies, like I want to make a music tab/page so that when you scroll over it 80’s Rock and Instrumental Music drops down … that didn’t go well, too.

Maybe it has something to do with my theme (Spectrum), I don’t know but if anyone of you sweeties can help I’d really appreciate it 🙂

Thanks for hoppin’ by,


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