Be careful folks, and please buckle up those seat belts


A few hours ago I was in the supermarket and I saw a couple of the staff running out of the building. I asked what was wrong and Andy told me that there has been an accident right in front, the music was a bit loud here I was that’s why I didn’t hear the crash, and folks, that was all I needed to hear before I made a run for it myself.

The first thing I saw was a small crowd gathering before the scene. A young girl in a green tunic dress, around 11 or so, stood about a foot from me, looking feint I didn’t know if I was the sight before her that shook her up, but it wasn’t until a man ran to her and picked her up then I realized she was a victim. Someone told me she was in one of the cars in the unfortunate event.

All I could say is that it was terrible. Walking up a few steps closer I inhaled the harsh smelling smoke coming off from the vehicles. I just stood and stared like the others there, I’ve never been at the sight of a car crash before it seemed unreal for a moment, then one of the drivers involved started to swear at the other.

One of the two cars, white, shied off the sidewalk opposite where I stood, while the other one, that was a silver, had remained in its lane. Both of their fronts were smashed in.

Apparently what happened was that one car (silver) was speeding right ahead, while the other (white) was pulling was turning into the supermarket’s parking lot, it was somewhere at that point when it collided with the speeding silver car. A witness stated that the driver of the second vehicle was at fault because he hadn’t put on his indicator/blinker, or even slowed down. The witness said that the speeding vehicle could have been clearly be seen.

I think it was either that the driver of the white car was oblivious of the other vehicle, or he saw it coming but thought that he could have made it. In my opinion, both of them were at fault; the silver car had no business flying down the road in the first place and the white car’s driver should be paying more attention.

Chances are though, that it was an emergency that had compelled him to travel at that rate or it was plain recklessness, the other driver could have been distracted or was also reckless but I wouldn’t know what really transpired until later. Be rest assured, no one died but I heard that the girl I mentioned was seriously injured.

I’m reminded once again how things can happen in a moment that can change lives forever, we have to keep our heads on and prey and (or for you atheists out there) hope that others do the same. To you the bloggers I’ve come to know and all of you I haven’t had the pleasure to meet, please be careful on the road, don’t forget to check that everyone’s buckled up.

If you know you’re going to get drunk, please arrange  for a designated driver. Get your cars, buses, bikes or whatever you drive serviced regularly, or as often you can afford, to avoid unnecessary happenings like this one. Heck, maybe that guy’s blinkers didn’t work.

I would absolutely hate it to hear (worse yet, not ever hearing back from you) that something so terrible even happened to anyone of you guys.

Drive safely.



6 thoughts on “Be careful folks, and please buckle up those seat belts

    • That’s good to hear 🙂 Why, thank you, Ms.E 😉 But it seems that no matter how hard you preach, there will always be idiots out there who just won’t listen.
      Keep those straps at the ready!

    • Yes, I know what you mean, Andy. It’s just stupid that some people feel it’s not important to wear any. I’ve heard of people buckling up to park in the garage, some might laugh but I see the sense in doing that, you never can tell …

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