Weekly PhotoChallenge: Hands

This was my little sister, holding a bright red flower. She’s a bright bulb and those little hands of hers will help her to reach her full potential some day. (I’ve posted this same photo some time ago)

This this past week’s challenge is Hands. Well, what would we have done without out ’em? Not much. They have potential to do so much. Can you remember the first time you’ve written your first word? You probably couldn’t, but I’ve seen the joy in my little brother’s chubby face when he first wrote his name. Hands are there to pass the popcorn or the chap stick. They’re there to lend a friend in need, to give a hanky and some hugs. Without hands we wouldn’t have all those cool secret handshakes. Hands help us to grab the handrail to save our crazy necks (mine for that matter) when we run down the stairs full speed.


Nom! Nom!

Yep, they feed us when we feel that, as Pooh Bear says: a rumbly in your tummbly! That was de-licious! What’s that? No, I’m not tempting anyone on purpose! Why, I’d never … okay, okay … I might have, ha ha! 😀

Our hands are pretty important to us ( for many more reasons than the ones I wrote about) so take care of them regularly and treat yourself to a manicure once in a while. Give two thumbs up for hands, he he! 😛

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6 responses to “Weekly PhotoChallenge: Hands

  1. It’s a beautiful photo for this challenge 🙂 Hands indeed make miracles!

  2. Hello,
    I have nominated you for the “very inspiring blogger award”
    congratulations and have a nice day!!

  3. Lovely choices for the challenge. Thanks for the link to my post.

    • Thank you, Mrs.Okaty! No problem 😉 I had no choice to link you, you see, I believe in the little moments too and your photo was full of ‘happy’, I just had to 🙂

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