Comments by default changed back again to normal.

The e-mail notification overload is over! Now I don’t have to go and change my preferences every time I comment on someone’s post. Thanks WordPress, the automatic following thingy wasn’t a bright idea after all.

Legendary Post


WordPress has changed yet again the settings at comments only this time they have returned it back to the way it was.

This is the link to the post in WordPress at the start of this saga.

This is a great move because the WordPress community has more or less stopped commenting.  Most blogs have removed the button or the people on left it ticked on selective post / blogs.

So now we can all put the button back and comment and get comments the way we did. People have reported that comments have dropped of by over 50%, and i would agree.

If you would like to re-blog this post just to let your followers know that this has happened.

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2 thoughts on “Comments by default changed back again to normal.

  1. oh, i am so glad to read this post! I have to admit I’ve stopped commenting on things this week for exactly this reason. thank you for sharing

    • Yeppers, it’s a sweet relief. A lot of other bloggers, too, have refrained from commenting because of the notifications, and that’s bad all around but things are going to pick up back again. You’re welcome, Leah 🙂 , but thanks be to Harry who’d originally posted this on The Dark Globe or I wouldn’t have known as well. Cheers 😀

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