A little peek out of my cave

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Hi y’all! I am so sorry for posting so infrequently for the same reasons I’ve said in an earlier post somewhere, school and that pesky habit that time has: flying out the window faster before you can say Superman’s red underwear (I think it’s red … somebody please correct me if I’m wrong). I’m yet to learn how to go to bed early, I end up being amongst the walking dead the next day, thank heavens for caffeine.

I haven’t any time to post any day so I’ll be getting rid of my “Post a Day 2012” button and get me a “Post a Week 2012” one because that’s what I am aiming to do, at least once a week I will post some thing instead of the barge of re-blogs (which will continue, sorry, but there are some things that are meant to be shared and I can’t pass up a good post).

I’ve been expressing myself with the help of my Crayola Tower I invested on a month or two ago, but little brother and sisters got the best of me

The Pink Ballerina
The Pink Ballerina.

and I let them use it now so some of my precious crayons were rubbed mercilessly flat, if I post a picture of their present condition I think you might cry like I did. The point: I will also post my drawings for you guys to see. Here’s one now ->

I finally saw Thor and Captain America (I know, I know, where in the world was I? I don’t know) A few scenes in Captain America made me cry. Who in the world cries while watching a movie of a Marvel comic? Me. I’m weird that way, I don’t know if I’m the only one … The part I really cried for was when Tommy Lee Jones, who played Col. Chester Phillips, when he threw that inactive grenade at Steve Rogers (our hero, played by Chris Evans) who threw himself on top of it! How selfless was that? With no delay what so ever, tears sprung from my eyes and I had to actually pause the movie to have a good cry before resuming. That part and the almost ending when he was going to crash with the plane, pure heart ache.

What I loved about the Captain was that even after his transformation he stayed true to himself; humble, kind, brave and a patriot to the icy end. The scientist who made the formula had seen all of that in Steve, he wasn’t going into the fight for the glory but for his country and to stop the bullies from taking advantage of of the defenseless, he knew how it felt. Chris Evans portrayed Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four, I re-watched Silver Surfer just to refresh my memory and I will tell you it was a total 18o degrees from Captain Steve Rogers!

I haven’t seen a Marvel Comic book in Guyana before but it would be cool if I got my hands on some Spiderman and Capt.America. Today CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) Maths was written and like last year it was raining cats and dogs (never found out why people say that but it sounds cool) and I can remember I could hardly hear myself think. These pics below are the cards I got my mom and Gran for Mother’s Day, what would we ever do without our mommies?

I’ll say sorry again for not posting as much we’d both like, to be honest I wonder why I even have any followers at all but you dudes and dudetts (I know that’s not really a word but I like it)  all rock! Thank you all for reading and commenting, I really feel so happy and satisfied that someone has found my ramblings worth reading and I really appreciate it 🙂

 In closing, here’s a couple of links to reviews of The Avengers and Captain America:

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  1. I can’t wait to watch The Avengers 🙂 Oh and I love your drawing! And it’s a wise choice to write once a week. So that you’ll have more time for school and stuff. ^^

    1. I bet you’d love it, tell me what you think about it when you do have a chance to watch it. Thank you, it was one of those doodles that took shape 🙂 More of the much needed time, I need to get my head out of the clouds. Thanks for coming by, Daph 😀

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