He is Iron Man: Robert Downey Junior, my favourite-make-me-laugh actor

You guys might have noticed I’ve been re-blogging for the most part for the past few days and not actually posting anything (then again you might not have noticed since you have a life and not locked up somewhere surfing the net the entire day when you have more important things to

I had such a difficult time choosing these pictures. Source: greenobles.com

get done, which pretty much describes me at the moment. Or I assume not … but hey if you are join the club!) but I am going to now.

Today I’ll be talking about one of my most favourite, most awesome actors. I’ve been watching and re-watching a few videos on YouTube over

and over again (part due be cause YT has been loading like crap, I doubt it’s my Internet connection, but mostly because they couldn’t make me stop smiling:) Guess who! Guess who! Did you guess yet? Did you? Did you! Those questions are quite pointless because we all know who I’m talking about from the second you read ‘awesome’ and well … because his name’s in this post’s title + all of the photos.

It’s the one and only: Robert Downey Jr.! I will admit that he wasn’t on my all time favourite list until recently (and it will never fail to baffle me) and I will also confess that I have not seen

Haha! Source: images99.com

either Iron Man 1 or 2 (don’t shoot me please! But I so intend to before I watch him kick some more serious butt in The Avengers), even with all the hype four years ago, why? I have not a clue and right now I want to slap myself in really hard, but I feel a little better after have seen him in Sherlock Holmes (couldn’t find a better Holmes, not even you Daniel Craig could cut it, sorry). I’ve seen one or two of his earlier movies (parts of them) like Air America with Mel Gibson, but holy crap, he look so different! It made no sense but I was more than a little shocked.

But back to the videos, these had me fan girl squealing all the way and that is so unlike me, really … okay I lied, but seriously I would not get on like a loony that’s escaped from her straight jacket in front of him or any other of my favourite stars, that will only scare them.

Behind the scenes of Iron Man 1


Holy sweet mother of Willy Wonka! This dude can sing!


Funny Moments (sings and tap-dances in this one!)

What is not to love about him? He’s multi-talented (sings, dances, acts), I’m not going to say hot because he’s one year my dad’s senior and that

Oh yeah!
Source: Got this one off a the last YT video on this post

would just be eww (at the same time I don’t deny the hotness) but I will say Handsome, a great sense of humour on screen  and off, and is a wonderful actor, one of the best I’ve seen in my seventeen long years. Okay, so he had some drug problems earlier in his career and that was a draw back but everyone’s not without a flaw. I don’t know him personally but I believe he’s a really genuine good guy (call me a sucker) and I appreciate the effort he’s put into his films to entertain us.

But we can see he’s fought really hard to bet back up and get clean and serious or else I think Jon Favreau (director of Iron Man 1), no matter how much he wanted Robert there, wouldn’t have casted him and I doubt the movie would have made such a splash -no not a splash, a wave, a humungous wave – at all. I admire Robert for that because it takes a lot of strength and determination to fight addiction to get where he is today, I think a few others have pulled through, but Robert has something, his personality, that attracts people to him in droves.

To me, in a way actors are like robots; they have to read their lines and do their best to bring to life the writers impression of their characters and in that respect people like Tim Allen, Nicholas Cage, Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Saundra Bullock are really good, to great, but watching Robert I feel that he really brings out the human side in this robot business. He’s a naturally easy going individual (a humorous one at that) and he puts a part of himself into his characters where ever he can, he simply loves acting and all of that and more contributes to his outstanding performance.

With all of this said Robert Downey Jr. is my #1  favourite actor, he never fails to turn my frown upside down and for that I thank him.

And I shall close with my favourite scenes with a very cool music video this made me laugh and smile, I hope it made you too 🙂

Th… tha … that’s all … all for now folks!

Devina 😛


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