Look! Look! I made a new page

I thought that I’d let you guys know that I’ve made a new page/tab that’s dedicated to one of my loves; Instrumental music. I’ve also had another page, 80’s Rock, there for a while and I don’t know if you’ve noticed it …

Um, it seems like my Copyright page just took a piggyback ride on my About page and I’ve been trying to fix that but to no avail. I made an attempt to make those ‘drop down’ menu thingies, like I want to make a music tab/page so that when you scroll over it 80’s Rock and Instrumental Music drops down … that didn’t go well, too.

Maybe it has something to do with my theme (Spectrum), I don’t know but if anyone of you sweeties can help I’d really appreciate it 🙂

Thanks for hoppin’ by,

Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT, PR’s 11 Practice Tests, and Dr. John Chung’s SAT Math

the quiet voice

This week I’m giving away all of my old SAT I study guides, so I thought I’d write a review for each of the ones I used to bring up my book count for 2012 share some insight on the helpfulness of certain ones. I used the 2011 version of Cracking the SAT by Princeton Review Publishing and the 2011 version of 11 Practice Tests for the SAT & PSAT, also by Princeton Review Publishing. In addition to those two, I read through Dr. John Chung’s SAT Math.

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Sunday Shots

Ugh! I need to get out more, I only get to take photos of the same places over and over again, there might be the little things I can zoom in on but I’d like to travel some more (sighs) There will be time for that later I suppose. Oh well here are a few pics for today.

Now, the sky scape is ever changing and I just love love love it! Here’s how the Guyanese sky looks where I am.

There’s more. It looks like a heavy pewter quilt above my head. My rain dance must have worked! Just kidding, it never works, it’s rainy season right now.

Monday came just too soon 😦 Oh well, Happy Sunday you dudes and dudettes out there! 😀

Be careful folks, and please buckle up those seat belts

Source: zenaaauto.cz

A few hours ago I was in the supermarket and I saw a couple of the staff running out of the building. I asked what was wrong and Andy told me that there has been an accident right in front, the music was a bit loud here I was that’s why I didn’t hear the crash, and folks, that was all I needed to hear before I made a run for it myself.

The first thing I saw was a small crowd gathering before the scene. A young girl in a green tunic dress, around 11 or so, stood about a foot from me, looking feint I didn’t know if I was the sight before her that shook her up, but it wasn’t until a man ran to her and picked her up then I realized she was a victim. Someone told me she was in one of the cars in the unfortunate event.

All I could say is that it was terrible. Walking up a few steps closer I inhaled the harsh smelling smoke coming off from the vehicles. I just stood and stared like the others there, I’ve never been at the sight of a car crash before it seemed unreal for a moment, then one of the drivers involved started to swear at the other. Continue reading

Comments by default changed back again to normal.

The e-mail notification overload is over! Now I don’t have to go and change my preferences every time I comment on someone’s post. Thanks WordPress, the automatic following thingy wasn’t a bright idea after all.

Legendary Post


WordPress has changed yet again the settings at comments only this time they have returned it back to the way it was.

This is the link to the post in WordPress at the start of this saga.


This is a great move because the WordPress community has more or less stopped commenting.  Most blogs have removed the button or the people on left it ticked on selective post / blogs.

So now we can all put the button back and comment and get comments the way we did. People have reported that comments have dropped of by over 50%, and i would agree.

If you would like to re-blog this post just to let your followers know that this has happened.

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Weekly PhotoChallenge: Hands

This was my little sister, holding a bright red flower. She’s a bright bulb and those little hands of hers will help her to reach her full potential some day. (I’ve posted this same photo some time ago)

This this past week’s challenge is Hands. Well, what would we have done without out ’em? Not much. They have potential to do so much. Can you remember the first time you’ve written your first word? You probably couldn’t, but I’ve seen the joy in my little brother’s chubby face when he first wrote his name. Hands are there to pass the popcorn or the chap stick. They’re there to lend a friend in need, to give a hanky and some hugs. Without hands we wouldn’t have all those cool secret handshakes. Hands help us to grab the handrail to save our crazy necks (mine for that matter) when we run down the stairs full speed.


Nom! Nom!

Yep, they feed us when we feel that, as Pooh Bear says: a rumbly in your tummbly! That was de-licious! What’s that? No, I’m not tempting anyone on purpose! Why, I’d never … okay, okay … I might have, ha ha! 😀

Our hands are pretty important to us ( for many more reasons than the ones I wrote about) so take care of them regularly and treat yourself to a manicure once in a while. Give two thumbs up for hands, he he! 😛

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Beauty Isn’t What Makes You Beautiful

Now that you’ve said it, I have to agree with you Daphne. Our attitudes tell the world what kind of person we are. Thanks for the eye opener, others should read this too 🙂

An Evil Nymph's Blog

Alright now you might be thinking that I’m going to lecture you on the fact on which everyone babbles about yet never really apply it in their minds: that beauty lies in the soul, in one’s personality, and not in exterior beauty.

Yes, I don’t disagree with that.

But I’ve found that the real problem is how to make your beautiful personality visible? I mean, I know for all of us, especially women, it’s hard to believe that we are beautiful, because every morning our mirror claims otherwise. We know that we have amazing personalities but only we know. What about the others then? It’s hard for them to break the ice to finally reach this beauty that lies inside, and most of them just won’t bother digging. So how to make the link between interior and exterior beauty?

And before you click out of this page, which I hope…

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Tagged again!

Image via soulblues.wordpress.com

The tagging fever has cooled down a good notch and once again I’ve been tagged but this time by Phoenix (who tagged me a long time ago, sorry Kate) She’s got some very interesting questions that made me sit and really think. I’ve found that I enjoy being tagged and tagging, answering the multitude of questions and asking them them as well, but my only peeve is the number of people I’d have to tag in return. It’s not I don’t want to, lordy no, but I will be very honest and say it’s just that it’s a hassle to notify so many people, so I bent the rules a little.

The rules are:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag how many people you want to.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them! Continue reading

Short Story: In a moment the world stood still

Source: naurcalad.deviantart.com

The day had begun like any other day in ‘The City that never sleeps’, the sunlight was streaming through the flower patterned curtains and I could hear the noise of the bustling traffic five stories below. I stretched and stifled a yawn and got out of bed. Walking to the window the cool morning breeze gently brushed across my face, certainly not the good dose of country air from what used to home, but it was something one gets used to … if you tried.
I got dressed and made breakfast. I made my way to the kitchen sink to wash up when I glimpsed something yellow from the cluster of magnets on the fridge door. After a closer look, I saw that it was a note from

mom saying that I’d have to drop Uncle Fred’s medication at his work place while I was shopping.

I was locking the door of our apartment, the rusty hinges playing their usual tune, when the loud hip-hop music from across the hall hit me, and do doubt the ruckus within could be heard through the paper-thin walls of the neighboring apartments, the Nell’s could never shut up, fighting or not. They were one of those families that didn’t have peaceful in their vocabulary and we have to put up with the result of that sad fact, as if the leaking sink from the room about ours wasn’t bad enough. I ran down the steps at full speed, reveling in the trill but as as soon as I stepped on the congested sidewalk I saw Mrs. Riggs, and I halted, walking those terrible poodles of hers whom I preferred to avoid, the nasty little half-naked creatures.

I was pocketing my change as I came out of the pharmacy when the World Trade Center came into view. It was here, the two huge twin towers, where my uncle worked as a security guard.
He was a strapping, good natured man who was once in the U.S Navy. I saw his battle scarred face smiling back at me as I walked to the entrance. Continue reading