No-where near Wordless Tuesday

This picture was taken around 5AM this morning. What the heck was I doing up so early roaming back and forth from my room to the kitchen trying to avoid the creaky floor boards, you ask? I didn’t sleep last night thanks to one of the best invention of nature (and partially of man if you know what I mean) eeevvverrrr: Coffee! I was having one of those night owl study sessions of mine and it went fine, it was all chemistry so that’s really something.

Throughout the morning I was singing the praises of the nectar of sleeplessness (ignore that last few words it might not make any sense) I’m still on the caffeine high and it is now 7:33AM. Earlier I had put on some bhajans (Hindu version of hymns) but now I’m swaying and singing to the velvety wavelengths of Jim Reeves; Oh Mary marry me, let’s not wait … ! Ahem, I’m done for now, hehe.

This post would have been longer, with witty comments and observations only now it’s 8:41 and my juice is almost completely drained. By the time I finally publish this it will definitely be later, probably till the afternoon or midday if we’re all lucky, WP is slow in uploading the other photos, like climbing Mt.Everest with a camping bag full of chunks of rocks from The Rock of Gibraltar, that kind of slow, I know for sure it isn’t my Internet connection. A friend of mine has almost this same problem with WP at night. Oh well, at least they’ll get here sooner or most likely later.


It’s 9:26PM, so more pictures of today tomorrow, sorry bout that 😦

Have a great day/night wherever you are


4 thoughts on “No-where near Wordless Tuesday

    • Yes, yes I was singing 😛 I would never ever video myself let alone singing (I’ll only embarrass myself, I like to be behind the camera that in front of it) and post it too, ever so you can forget it, amigo. But I just might post an audio file with my duet with Jim of his He’ll Have to Go sometime in the near future. Thanks for dropping by as always, Andy 😉

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