Random Word Ramble Wednesdays

Hey guys, I’m late. Again. And I’m thinking it should be Random Word Ramble ‘Thursdays’ instead. Any-who, with no further ado this week’s word is:

Dotty– slightly mad or eccentric (Page 277 Compact Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus, Third Edition)


“Positively dotty, I say,” came the not-so-soft whispers from one of the women slathered in gaudy paint and stuffed in a frilly and very uncomfortable looking peach dress who sat on one of the weathered benches not far from the shady tree under which she sat. Oh, Loretta had heard them all right and truth be told, she knew that they were referring to her. They weren’t the first to say that about her nor will they be the last.

Does wanting to be the person who she wants to become make her insane? It is a fact that the medical profession has been dominated by men but doesn’t she have the right to believe that she can be as good as they are? Doesn’t she have the right to pursue her dreams, an opportunity to at least try? She’ll be a doctor if she wishes it, who are these people to tell her what and what not to do, what right have they to poke their unwanted over-powdered noses into her personal business?

Loretta has heard of women who have fought for their rights not wanting to be limited to ‘their place’ in the home when they could do more. Why waste the invaluable potential they possess because men, mind you not all of them, and their pride and arrogance, having felt that their womenfolk are inferior to the likes of them.

How ironic, women are one of the essential pillars of the foundation of society, they work behind the scenes and out of sight and not receiving the credit they are due. She keeps her house with such care and passion, and ensures that her husband lacks any want. The responsibility of socializing the children, men-to-be and the women-to-be-shunned rests on her strong shoulders. But unfortunately not all women share this opinion, like those in front of her now. Those who have money and time to waste are satisfied to sit and gossip (I do declare, it is such a shame going behind her Alan’s back with that poor excuse for a man …), to spend their husband’s money on useless trinkets, dresses they’ll probably only wear once or twice after which they lie forgotten at the bottom of a dusty trunk. Then there are those, some of which who work for a living to support her family, who feels that it is her duty as a woman, mother and a wife to be where her mother and theirs before them resided, in the home.

Think what they want, Loretta knows, feels it in her very bones, that there will come a day when women will be respected, will have the chance to do the things only men are privileged to and she wants to be one of those people who made it happen. If they can fight why can’t she? She Shot straight up from the green grass, sending the dry leaves flying, why can’t she? She walked up to the women, whose eyes grew wry with her long stridden approach.

“Dotty am I? Well at least I’ll have a happy and fulfilling manner of spending my life and not sit around and looking absolutely ridiculous. Do you not have anything better to occupy yourselves with than shooting daggers at others who are better off without your opinions? I’d rather be dotty than snotty, thank you very much!”

She stood breathless after her rant watching with satisfaction their roughed faces turn red to a faint purple with rage and a hint of embarrassment, taking pleasure from how she had ruffled their conservative feathers. The other, whose chest would have put the proudest pigeon to shame, was about to say something when Loretta turned on her heals and marched off feeling very content after that outburst, a peculiar freed sensation washing over her. Speaking her mind seems to be doing her good. She should do so more often, and no doubt she shall.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s RWRW, your thoughts are always welcome! I was listening to Loretta Lane when I was writing this, and her beautiful voice alone tells me that she’s a woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer and let snots get the best of her.

Cheers 😀

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