Stop! In The Name Of…Terrible Baby Names

There are names out of this world and I pity the poor kids, it gives them one more reason not to like their parents and the bullying they’ll face at school make me want to cry along with ’em. Awesome post though, it made my day 😀

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As the wife and I (but mainly the wife) reach halftime of pregnancy #3, I thought an update might be in order.  20 weeks down, 20 more to go.  Based on results from the first two matchups, I don’t expect this to go to overtime.  There’s no doubt that Mommy showed up ready to play, but as the half wore on, she seemed to tire and even had to fight off a few bouts of nausea.  The plan is to hydrate feverishly here at halftime and throughout the second half in an attempt to negate the effects of the impending summer heat.  It’ll be a grueling final 20 weeks, requiring stamina and endurance that I (a two-time marathoner) simply do not have.  But my wife is strong.  She’s been here before.  So buckle up for an exciting second half!

(This extremely long basketball metaphor, which ran its course at least…

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Musical Maestro: Yiruma

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Yiruma is the stage name of I Ru-ma (born February 15, 1978), a popular internationally known pianist and composer from South Korea. The name “Yiruma” means “I shall achieve” in Korean.

Yiruma frequently performs at sold-out concerts in Asia, Europe and North America. His Alma Mater King’s College in England helped him gain European popularity and recognition. His most popular pieces include, “River Flows in You“, “Kiss the Rain“, and “May Be”. His most popular album First Love was released in 2001.

He began playing the piano at the age of five, and moved to London when he was 11, in 1988, to study at The Purcell School of Music. He possessed dual citizenship of South Korea and the United Kingdom until 2006, when he gave up his UK citizenship to serve in the Navy of South Korea [mandatory for all male South Koreans]

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It’s my pleasure to introduce to you all another artist inducted into the Hall of Musical Maestros (it used to be just a list before) next to Mr.Mauriat. I found Yiruma on, not surprisingly, YouTube a few months ago. Simply put, his music takes you places and also the ones within yourself evoking tender memories, some others long forgotten and memories-to-be, if that makes any sense. And I’m certainly not the only one who feels that way.

Lovely isn’t it -^ It truly is, I lost count of how many times I’ve listened to it. It’s beautiful instrumental music like this that I love to play especially on rainy days. Why? Because well, I dunno, it adds something more to to the atmosphere + it cancels out the bleak sky-scape, if you know what  mean. In my next post you’ll be hearing more of Yiruma and P. Mauriat.

Enjoy the music today while you can so tomorrow you’ll have memories of a better yesterday 🙂


What Your Eyes Say About Your Health | Yahoo! Health

Even if you boast 20/20, you should pay a visit to an eye-care specialist. “The eyes are one place in the body through which we can actually see veins and arteries firsthand, with no surgery or cameras,” says Shantan Reddy, M.D., an ophthalmologist and retinal specialist at New York University Langone Medical Center. That’s why an eye doctor may be the first to detect a serious health problem such as diabetes or high blood pressure …

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