Random Word Ramble Wednesdays

Hi all! As I wouldn’t be on every single day I won’t be able to post Word of the Day daily so to make it up I’ve come up with a new post series called ‘Random Word Ramble Wednesdays’ which will feature a different word every Wednesday and I’ll write whatever comes to my mind inspired by that particular word.

Two things gave share the credit of giving me this idea but actually one of these is a person a friend and fellow blogger, Thomas, whose extensive vocabulary and admirable writing skills inspired me to improve mine. The second is that the fact that I love words and I have this beautiful dictionary brimming with them, almost so full that they just might fall of the pages, so why not befriend them, why not make use of their purposeful existence?

But how? I should write them of course, write anything really, the more random the merrier! But I can’t keep them to myself, no, so I’d love to share it with you guys, but how? Why do I have this blog for, silly me!

What I’ll do is flip through the dictionary and either choose a word at random or pick one that calls out to me, but sometimes I will have more than two words or more in one post, but I’ll let you guys know. Now I’ve began to ramble and I haven’t even began with today’s word, which so happens to be:

Drudgerynoun. hard or dull work (Pg.284 Compact Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus Third Edition)


Mai had no choice but to endure this drudgery and do what she must with a smile, and no less, plastered on her icy but deceptively soft face. A face with lines mapping its once handsome landscape, now weathered with years of neglect and hatred.

But alas! The lass was no older than the ripe age of seventeen but Mai looked, felt,and possessed such a knowledge about the world and its people and their ways beyond her years.

She kept telling herself that she couldn’t give up, it was too late for that now. Mai cannot let her parents’ sacrifice count for nothing. With those wretched people she was unfortunate enough to call family whom she simply cannot allow to make her life a living hell anymore. When she’s finished with the lot of them they wouldn’t be able to show their faces to anyone ever again and remain hidden in their cramped up dark little hole for the rest of their miserable lives.

Oh but of course, in the process of carrying out her revenge there is a good chance of falling flat on her face and they’ll make sure that she’ll never see the light of day again. But it is a chance she must be willing to risk if she wanted to discover the truth, however ugly it might be, and if … if there’s a chance – the slightest chance – that her little brother is still out there somewhere … she has to take that chance.

In her mind’s eye she saw him standing amidst a bustling faceless crowd clutching his tattered teddy bear, which had once been hers, close to him and his innocent dark eyes frantically searching … waiting … for her. Mai gathered herself up, with her jaw set with determination and whispered to herself, “Can’t leave him alone. Can’t give up,” though softly spoken the words echoed around her spartan room, empty.

” Can’t give up,” she repeated, the cogs in her head beginning to turn. They’ll be sorry, very sorry for this injustice when she delivers unto them her personal brand of justice …


I know it’s already Thursday when this was supposed to be a Wednesday post but I got held back, I’ll try to be on time next week though:) As for this little, um, essay I know it’s unfinished so I’ll leave it to you to think up what happens to Mai, her struggle against her tyrannical relatives and her pursuit for the truth about herself and the mysterious circumstances under which her parents had died, and her quest of finding her brother. What do you think? I’d love to hear you feedback on this 🙂

Peace out, my friends.


2 thoughts on “Random Word Ramble Wednesdays

    • I’m happy you liked it! The thing is, whenever an interesting word catches my attention I try to make sentences with it, which end up being paragraphs. I’ve been doing that often enough than I do it on impulse and I’m sometimes unaware I’m doing it at all! So recent I’ve began to write these words and their accompanying stories and then it hit me that it was a great way of building and utilizing my vocabulary, which I realized needed some exercise after reading your blogs, I don’t want anyone to feel put out but Thomas’ had put me to shame.
      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts Daphne, keep on rockin’ 😀

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