A few things that Drives Me Crazy!

I’m human and naturally there are times I loose my cool and my sanity. There are quite a few things that trigger some of my episodes some of which are:

1.Being interrupted while read a book especially a really good one that demands my undivided attention, and even the boring-est of books. Once I’m reading Do.Not.Disturb. Sadly though, some people just don’t ever learn and it remains a mystery to those few why I nearly bite off their sorry heads.

2. The racket during sibling warfare. When my sisters start they start off with a BANG and then they drag me in the middle of it all to take sides. Everybody’s pointing fingers at each other, then somebody starts to cry then Gran starts a hollering. Poor me, didn’t have anything to do with the madness, loosing my patience with each passing second. They’re lucky if I run out of the room in time before I start screaming and swearing (mind you I don’t do that in front of the wee ones before I end up scrubbing my mouth with soap) and pulling what ever hair’s left on my rapidly balding head.

3.After I organize my desk , for probably the millionth time, then some little twerp goes and disarranges it again!

4. The suspense leading up to the climax in movies and books, I go nuts!

5.My computer has some problem, where ever I leave the cursor while I type a few seconds later, the letters jump over to where the cursor is and then I have to erase and start again!

I have to be careful when I backspace otherwise I get taken back to the previous page and everything I’ve written gets deleted and I have to do it all again.

I dunno if he (I think my computer’s a he) has a problem with me because we have our disagreements but this is the limit.


Well after reading this several times I realize this was almost the same as complaining, so I want to add that I’m aware how lucky I am to have sisters and brothers, no matter how annoying they can be, and that I have anyone at all who cares to bother me at all knowing that the take a chance of facing my wrath, in the first place. I’m really grateful to have all that I have, and I hope I didn’t come off as some spoiled brat because I can assure you that I’m not 🙂

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4 thoughts on “A few things that Drives Me Crazy!

  1. These are the reasons why everything that is mine stays with me in my room, nobody can mess with it and though it creates a clutter? it’s my own personal space and nobody to wreck it 🙂

    • Lucky you, my friend, lucky you. I don’t have my own personal space, I share a room with one of my sisters and our room is too small for the both of us.
      One place that comes close to personal to me is on top of the washing machine, where I do most of my reading until a while ago when the bulb went out but now it’s back on, thank heavens! I’ll keep on hoping that someday I’ll be left alone in my very own corner 😀

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