Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

The dawn of a new day

I know that sunrises have become cliche but that fact doesn’t erode the message they hold. We all know life isn’t a walk in the park, all candy and dandy. Sometimes it’s like running through dark, ugly, rough narrow allies that never seem to end, sucking whatever hope we have, but despite our hardships and tears the world doesn’t stop spinning. The darkness that we feel gathering up inside is chased away by the bright reassuring morning light of the golden sun, the world is bathed in rays of hope. After darkness always comes light.

To me, sunrises are daily reminders that no matter how bad things might be, morning always comes and along with the dawn of a new day comes new possibilities, new ways to overcome our problems. Renewed hope that things will get better so don’t throw in the towel get back up and when life throws another curve ball, you give your best shot and hit with all you’ve got, take charge. It’s okay to hope, because when you do, anything is possible. Hope itself is very powerful, with it we can work to achieve anything we want.

I didn’t have a good vantage point when I took this picture that morning, but a sunrise is a sunrise no matter from what angle you look at it, no? I do hope you all have a good week ahead 🙂



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