Random thought: Be careful before you bite.

Image via thedooverguy.com

Our bodies are our shells, a safe house and a home for our souls.

Like a house we have different rooms inside of us. We need to have our internal spring cleaning every now and again for healthy functioning.

But a shell is just that, a shell. What’s important is what’s on the inside. One mustn’t concern oneself too much with outward appearances, for beauty is only skin deep.

So be careful before you bite, for who knows, within the alluring red apple might lie a rotten core.

– Devina


4 thoughts on “Random thought: Be careful before you bite.

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  1. That’s a nice thought, and a good metaphor. It kinda reminded me of a quote: “The harder the shell, the softer what it’s protecting inside.” Oh well, I thought it’s somehow related. 😀

    Have a nice day.

    1. I suppose in a way they are kind of linked but nonetheless your quote’s very true. When someone has got lots to lose and afraid of exposing what’s really inside for fear of getting hurt, the more prickly and guarded one becomes.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. You have a nice day too 😀

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