Random thought: Hope.Is it worth it?

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Hope is …

Sometimes not worth it

It’s a risk

When you get your hopes up high

There’s a chance that in a moment

It gets crushed and as your heart begins

To crack, you see through your tears that

precious time was wasted

Hoping for …  nothing at all …

– Devina

I recently found this scribbled next to a flower with thorns drawn in black ink behind my Bio book when I was jotting down a friend’s number. I cannot, for the life of me, remember what had provoked me to write such a thing. Yes, I can be a pessimist sometimes but I don’t think it’s fair to attack hope like I did that day – whenever that was. I mean I believe we all run on hope, we all look forward to something, and we ‘hope’ it turns out all right, don’t we?

But then again, life ain’t all sweetness but I guess when things do get rough one of the first things we lose is … hope. Okay, there I go again, just stop! (Oh, I was talking to myself there, sorry) What’s important is grabbing and keeping a death grip on whatever hope we’ve got left because that’s what get’s us through these phases in our lives, isn’t it? I don’t mean to spread my gloomy mood that day to anyone but I felt like sharing those few forgotten lines with you anyways 🙂

I do hope you, whoever and wherever you are, have a great day or night!



3 thoughts on “Random thought: Hope.Is it worth it?

  1. You know, I really could write a 10-paragraph comment on hope, but I’ll restrain myself and limit myself to this: every time I’ve been put down by my family, every time I see a gay kid get picked on, and every time I see someone get hurt in some way simply due to the unfairness of life, I always think: hope. Without hope, where would we be? Where could we go? Nowhere. If our only option is to sulk and cry and be depressed, why even bother with life? With hope, we can do so many things – I can strive to do gain a better future despite my family’s coldness, people can support the gays and fight for their rights no matter how touch it may be, and those who are hurt can recover and be whoever they were meant to be. Without hope, people are powerless, and that’s just how it is. But everyone (I repeat: EVERY ONE) deserves the right to hope, and to work their hardest to attain what they are hoping for.

    • Thank you ever so much for that,Thomas. I agree with you, 100%. Hope gives us the ability to do so many things, important life altering things and the will to stand up for what we believe in. Hope is in everything we do even without us knowing it. Hope is a powerful word. I have not given that much thought and you’ve opened my eyes wider when I thought they already were. You know what? You’ve given me an idea for something I’ll be working on in the future.
      Thank you for coming by Thomas and for the idea 😉

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