Some of my favourite spots for some shots.

I’ve taken up photography as a hobby since I got my Nikon last year. For the first few weeks me and my camera were inseparable and I’d be taking pictures of everything and everything from flowers, trees, birds, flowers, my family to even strays. But my most favourite shots are of anything with leaves and clouds, especially in the morning. I can’t describe how good it feels to capture the moment so I get to keep it with me always, pictures are timeless treasures that hold memories so they could be revisited and shared with the ones I care about, like family, friends, and you my dear readers. 🙂 Some of the photos below (the first two) was from our trip to my aunt on new year’s day.

Coconut trees   
© Devina S.
Green Canopy
© Devina S.
Rainy Christmas Eve
This was on Christmas Eve last year, it sure was rainy © Devina S.
Clouds in the Afternoon
© Devina S.

I guess they aren’t much but I’m getting there but the most important thing is that I’m having fun enjoying what I do. I need to work on lighting. I still carry my camera almost every where I go because I never know when inspiration will hit! I’ll be posting more of my shots in future posts and I’d love to hear what you guys think!

Does taking pictures feel the same way to you, or is it one of those things you just do? Do you keep a photo scrapbook to keep those special moments? Do you have any tips you’d like to share with an amateur?

Peace out everyone!



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