Word of the day: Honkytonk

I was listening to some Alan Jackson when I heard him mention this word in one of his songs and heck, it sounded catchy so I was curious about what it meant and come on, I can’t go singing something I don’t know!

  1. a cheap, noisy, and garish nightclub or dance hall.
  2. adjective
  3.  of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a honky-tonk: a honky-tonk atmosphere.
  4. characterized by or having a large number of honky-tonks: the honky-tonk part of town.
  5. Music . noting a style of ragtime piano-playing characterized by a strict two-four or four-four bass, either contrapuntal or chordal, and a melody embellished with chords and syncopated rhythms, typically performed on a piano whose strings have been muffled and given a tinny sound.

Source: Dictionary.com


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