I love being me.

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Sometimes I feel like I want to be someone else, I’m not as good as I want to be. I admire my mom and my grandmother for their strength because they’ve worked hard to keep our family together. I want to  be brave and have the courage to stand up for what I believe in like my father, my role model. I’d like to still be like a kid even when I’d grow up like my uncle. I’d like the chance to pick out the traits I admire in the people I know.

One day I was at school doing chemistry and it was one of those days when nothing would stick, so I was sketching nothing in particular and ended up with the profile of a girl crying, for what, I still haven’t a clue. My friend, Annie, saw it and commented that she that it was really good, that she could never do anything like that. I was like “Really?” I was surprised because I look up to her because she embodied a perfect student, or close to perfect I should say, she’s good at many things or that’s what I had thought. Annie’s smart, easy going, academically awesome, has neat handwriting but it turned out she wasn’t up to public speaking, or art like I am and she’s reserved, that’s a nice way of saying that she doesn’t prattle away like I do.

I was in the shower when it hit me – no not the water – that I’m okay the way am. I may not be beautiful and brilliant but there are things that I’m actually good at! Things that many other people cannot do. I am me. I am special. I am one of a kind. The only edition, the one and only. I don’t have have to try to be anyone else, I just have to try to improve myself in the areas that I think need working on. Now I accept my faults and my mistakes because nobody can make them like I do. Nobody can screech in the shower like I can. Nobody can burn the food like I can, though I think that might be debatable … I love my handwriting, it’s my own custom-made font. I love my Buggs Bunny teeth. I love the colour of my hair. Heck, I even love the bags under my eyes because nobody else has darker ones than mine! Just kidding! I love … me. Yeah, I love me!

I might still be a little insecure but that, and my faults and mistakes, makes me human, doesn’t it? You know, for a time I thought I was a chipmunk, darn!

Be you and be true. 🙂

Peace out all!


2 thoughts on “I love being me.

  1. The way you wrap up the words is just amazing. The way you thought is same vision as of mine. I love it reading!!! Greatly done!!

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