Storm Breaker (Alex Rider #1) by Anthony Horwitz

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They said his uncle Ian died in a car accident. Alex Rider knows that’s a lie, and the bullet holes in his uncle’s car confirm the truth. But nothing can prepare him for the news that the uncle he always thought he knew was really a spy for Britain’s top-secret intelligence agency. Enlisted to find his uncle’s killers and complete Ian’s final mission, Alex suddenly finds himself caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse, with no way out. The original novel that started the worldwide phenomenon is now a major motion picture!

My Review

The chances of me becoming a spy tomorrow is nil but Alex was the one with the luck, and up to now I haven’t figured out whether he thinks it’s bad luck or good.

Alex Rider woke up 3 o’ clock one morning with the news of his Uncle Ian death in a car “accident”,he didn’t have his belt on. This was strange because he knew what a safety freak Ian was.

Alex being the curious kid he is,he didn’t sit on his behind mourning his loss,nope he didn’t, instead he got up and sneaked into the scrapyard where Ian’s car was to be laid to rest.Things didn’t add up when he saw bullet holes that dotted the side of the car.

He thought Ian worked for some big-shot bank but as it turns out good ol’ Uncle Ian was a spy for MI-6 as it’s head,Alan Blunt, filled him in.Now they want Alex to continue the mission Ian had started,the one he got murdered trying to complete.

Without him knowing it his uncle had been training Alex all along,with the hiking,martial arts,flying,and he speaks about a handful of different languages amongst other things, to become a spy himself, or so I deduced.We learn that Alex is smart and resourceful and him being a 14 year old that’s saying something.

For a boy who had lost his parents to an “accident” at a very young age, in a plane crash (I don’t believe that rubbish, I suspect that they were spies as well) he didn’t cry about why it had to be him,what did he do to be dragged out of his boring life to do something so risky,nuh-uh, he accepted he had to do, albeit skeptical at first and along with those little threats Mr.Sunshine and Flowers Blunt smoothly laid out, but he did what had to be done, and moved on to the next task ahead.

In the process of snooping around that psycho’s place he met Ian’s killer face to face.Okay please don’t think me a bad guy because you know that I’m not but I kind of liked the guy,’kay see here,I absolutely hate him because he had murdered Ian but there’s something about Russian spies…you know what,just forget it.

Alex Rider (character)

Alex Pettyfer (now 21) as Alex Reider in the movie. Image via Wikipedia

I laughed my head off when the giant jellyfish landed on what’s-her-name, Nadia Vole, the German lady with the yellow lipstick! Serves her darn right.But we don’t really get to hear Alex’s view on things much, he’s an interesting guy with no doubt interesting thoughts and ideas and insights, that’s my only peeve but other than that the story was awesome (please don’t role your eyes,I know that’s one of the many words butchered by ignorant teenagers, sucking it’s meaning out of existence).
Overall it’s an excellent book,where Anthony makes everything sounds so doable and keeps you wondering what will happen next. I highly recommend Stormbreaker. Also from reading this, it makes one realize that you shouldn’t underestimate a 14 year old. They kick butt!

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