The year so far.

I’ve never been one to keep up resolutions and it looks like nothing’s changed much. But I have made efforts to get to bed earlier than usual which for some reason caused a commotion, my family wanted to know what was going on and I think they thought that the planets must have aligned but let that suspicion go because it would happen when I actually finish from the bathroom like a normal person and not spend more than an hour in there (they’re exaggerating, I assure you). Imagine, that that’s supposed to be be the most private and peaceful room in the house and you couldn’t tinkle in peace.

Today was Maths class and a cup of coffee simply could not do to keep me up and I had thoughts of Narnia running wild in my head so it was a wonder I got what the professor was trying to say, “… the completed form of the equation would give the line of sym …,” and in my head I was blasting the White Witch with lasers from my eyes, yet not quite aware of my wondering in my head the dedicated professor kept on ” … is the discriminant …,” or something about somebody discriminating I think, while back in Narnia Aslan was roaring and everybody erupted into this ear shattering battle cry,” FOR NARNIA!” and I snapped out of it when my ears caught the works ‘lunch break’. So much for school.

I’ve set my reading goal much lower than last year since I’m not supposed to be reading a lot, at least not for the first half of 2012 as it’s bound to go up. I’m not boasting that I read only for the sake of just reading lots of books, it’s simply what’s in them that’s enchanting. As a friend of mine had said: it’s more about the quality than quantity, and that’s the truth.

My 2012 GR Reading Challenge. Yep. That's it.

Last year I’ve been reading mostly the genres of young adult, paranormal and urban fantasy, so this year I’m thinking of paying attention to the classics and as you can imagine I’ve began with The Chronicles Of Narnia series.

If my sister made any resolution to quit irritating me (which I highly doubt) for the rest of the year she must must have dropped out already. Why are siblings such a pain most of the time? It beats me.There’s a lot of ground to cover in that category so I should probably save it for another time.

My AS exams are approaching with a speed and I’ve got to get more serious, something easier said than done, I know but I wouldn’t give up yet. It’s just so difficult to drop bad habits and I suppose I shouldn’t expect to get rid of any in under a year so I’m taking baby steps and who knows, I might be a big kid soon! Ha … ah … well I guess you’d remember that from pull-up commercials … forget it.

Heads up: I’ll be importing many of my reviews from goodreads soon, so the next few posts might be purely book reviews. And yes, you might have noticed that I post at very irregular intervals but you see, I’ve only enough time to comment on some of the blogs I stalk, but coming up with a witty post that makes me sound brilliant and inspiring takes a bit more time than I can afford these days. I’m a busy woman after all, up early at 12PM sharp!Haha!

Peace Out!


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