Word of the day: Cicerone

Today’s word is:

  • Cicerone (pl.ciceroni)

– a guide who gives information about antiques and places of interest to sightseers.

<ORIGIN> early 18th cent.: from Italian, from Latin Cicero, Ciceron apparently alluding humorously to his eloquence or learning.

Source: The New Oxford American Dictionary


7 thoughts on “Word of the day: Cicerone

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  1. Interesting you should choose this word – it’s the name of a publisher, Cicerone Press, who publish around 300 walking, trekking and cycling guidebooks. They’re particularly well respected for giving more information than is usual about the places of interest on the routes.

    1. Interesting indeed. I’ve just checked them out and I thank you for mentioning them, there’s a few books that’s caught my eye.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Cicero? You’re reading about ancient Roman politics? I hope it isn’t as tedious as it sounds, though that doesn’t really matter if you’re enjoying it:)
    Thanks for dropping by!

    1. We’re reading Cicero’s essay about friendship titled De Amicitia, it’s difficult but very inspiring and thought-provoking. Much better than reading about Roman politics, ha ha.

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