Technology taking over the world.That’s a good thing…or is it?

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Look around you,you’ll find traces of technology from the telephone lines, cars, to the parking meter.Looking up, even though you can’t see it, it a satellite orbiting  the earth, without it there wouldn’t be any television to watch the news or your favourite show, no Internet (*gasps* yes I’d imagine some of us would shiver at the thought), this computer or I pad or I phone or some latest I-something from which you’re reading this right now and a whole lot of other things we think that without them life would be one big boring hell hole.

It has made life so much easier, don’t you agree? I like technology very much, so much that I’m scared.

Technology. The word itself sounds so sophisticated and cool. It has become almost a necessity for our day-to-day activities, from the microwave for our left over turkey, to television, medicine, transportation, music, video games and the list goes on and on and  on and … you get the idea. Don’t you feel that technology is taking over the world? Our lives? Haven’t we become too dependent on it? I honestly think we have and that is very bad.

For one, tradition. Isn’t that an important aspect of our lives and society? It is being forgotten, lost somewhere in the sea of the past when things were much harder. When I say harder I mean when things were done manually, like writing letters (with quills, how Harry Potter-ish?), rice was planted by hand and that by itself was a back-breaking task (literally), then it would have been harvested with the help of Eco-friendly cow-power, yep that’s right, cows.

The amount of people reading real books, books with actual covers and pages, are becoming less. Bookstores are being shut down due to the demand of the increasingly popular e-books. Let me be frank, I use a Kindle and I love mine because this is how I’ve got to read most of the books I’ve read (bookstores were originally non-existent in my county) otherwise I wouldn’t have had it in the first place, well except for it being convenient for traveling. I have seen several debates on this topic, traditional books vs. e-books (and I’m tempted to delve further into that topic in a future post) and people have their reasons why they’ve chosen either of the mediums. Soon these paper treats would be a thing of the past as well.

I believe one day this addictive technology will fail us all together, if not in this lifetime then it will in another. What if one day electricity cuts off world wide?Medical equipment will stop functioning and people will die. At night, we’ll be surrounded by darkness only for the moon light. No air conditioners, or heaters.No computers or television or phones. No more cars, trucks and what have you. And more.Scary, right? It sure is.

I admit this isn’t one of my best posts but I had to write something, anything, to prove to myself that I’m still alive. Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Technology taking over the world.That’s a good thing…or is it?

  1. Your words are so encouraging for social media freaks.
    (P.S. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove reading 🙂

  2. Devina,
    I like you am aware of how we today rely on technology to do many of our daily chores. We can start from making a bank deposit to paying now for our home groceries. Let’s face it how many of us carry cash now. We tend to do all our transactions with a credit card. This is scary like you said as now all our personal information is in an electronic form and can now be easily stolen too. Yes, we rely so much on technology that now making a call on the land line phones is also becoming less common as we now make use of a computer to make local and long distance calls. More and more people make use of their smart cell phones to stay connected and make calls so the need for a land line phone is on the decline in the common homes. Therefore, like you I am a little scare of just how much we rely on technology today and weary of what will happen when we get a big crash on the whole computer technology due to the lost of electricity.

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