Word of the day: Bra Burner

Man,she's really serious!
This says it all.

Okay I searched for a random word begining with ‘Br’ on my Kindle and this is what caught my eye! I mean you’ve got to admit it sounds a bit funny but here’s what it means:

  • Bra burner

-[Informal] a feminist percieved as a militant in the struggle for women’s rights: “Dude, stay clear from Eugine, she’s a serious bra burner.”

<ORIGIN> from the mid 20th cent. uban ledgend of women burning bras to symbolize freedom from societial restraints.

Source: The Oxford American Dicionary


2 thoughts on “Word of the day: Bra Burner

Add yours

    1. Well, I keep my eyes peeled for the funny and unusual and this certainly qualified! I’m a feminist as well but I wouldn’t go so far to say that I fall under the militant category; some,women mostly, tend go a bit too far.

      And thanks for dropping by, it’s still a work in progress:)

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