The House on Prague Street by Hana Dementz

The cover of The House on Prague Street
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Rating:5 Stars

My Review

This story takes place during the second World War in Czechoslovakia where Helen’s, a young girl through whose eyes we witness the heart wrenching events, sunny and care free world comes a-tumbling down when the Western parts of Czechoslovakia, known as the Sudetenland, were tamely handed over to the Nazis.Helen’s German father refused to divorce his Jewish wife despite the pleas of his parents who had disowned him for their marriage.

Czechoslovakia lost its independent status and became a German Protectorate under the German Reich Protector Konstantin von Neurath. So life got tougher on them like it had on the rest of the Jewish population with the passing of demeaning decrees restricting access to transport, goods and services and a whole lot of other things. Helen grew up having everything she once had, the people, places and the things she had loved snatched away from her. The House on Prague Street deeply touched me and would always have a place in my heart.Sad as it may be, it’s a book I’d re-read over again.

It’s one of my favourite World War II novels despite being sad,but grief is rather an unavoidable emotion, especially during such a frightful time caused by the warped beliefs of the self-righteous.


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