Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson
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My Rating: 4 Stars

*Contains Minor Spoilers*

My Review 

I’ve been itching to read this for a while now and I must say it was an enjoyable read.But it felt like something was missing don’t ask me what, believe me if I knew I’d tell you.

I’ll be totally honest though, I love Mercy!I mean she could be a badass but she knows where to draw the line.She may be physically inferior(which might be too strong a word) but she makes up for it in mouthing off to authority and those above her ,but hey I can’t blame her with all of those overbearing werewolves around, she had to stand up for herself.

Mercy’s an okay gal, she’s tough, funny, caring and doesn’t like to be out of the line of fire when she knows that she could be helping.She doesn’t have tons of magic (or any of it so to speak)so that she could just wriggle her pinkie and WAM leveling the street with vampires, nope,that’s what makes me like her even more, she relies on her instincts and quick thinking rather than power.

Another thing I like about Mercy is her expressing her faith in God, she didn’t like the crucifix because it was an instrument of pain that had led to our saviour’s death so instead she carries a lamb around her neck because Jesus’ other name was “The Lamb of God”. I admit that’s also clever I mean which vampire would have thought that they’d be knocked out by a wee little lamb?

I like the world Briggs has made,pack laws and all but Moon Called’s plot was lacking.I admit at the end where everything was supposed to be in the process of being resolved I was confused, up to now I still don’t understand why that guy wanted Adam dead,if you ask me the whole business is a bit screwy.I cannot deny that there were moments I loved, some had me laughing.To me I believe Adam annoys Mercy on purpose just to get a raise out of her!

Then there are the vampires.I’m not very fond of them in general but Stefan’s cool with me, sort of though, he tends to be creepy(not that it’s not normal,vamps are the creepy kind of creatures but Stefan is mostly on the other side of creepy) and makes you wonder if you can trust him at all but heck I’ll have more than an ounce of trust for a vampire whose VW’s a replica of the Mystery Machine and thinks that Scooby kicks ass harder than Buffy!But it pays to heed the saying that you should never trust a vampire, but I really hope Stefan’s an exception, so far he hasn’t taken a bite out of Mercy and I think that’s smart but it’s not like she could do anything if he had anyways.

He and Mercy has a good relationship, but there were little bumps here and there but they seem okay.Then there were the  feys, amongst other magical and non magical creatures, whom the Grey Lords brought out of hiding.

Briggs took the time to give her characters, both main and supporting, depth and believe me when I say I would role my eyes to the point that they’d pop out when I read a book with characters with the personality of a stick-man and scream “Please go and grow a brain for Pete’s sake!” though I don’t know who Pete is but I’m sure that he would not appreciate me throwing around his name like a ping pong.

You might have noticed that I haven’t gushed on how hawt (spelled wrong on purpose) Adam and Samuel are, not that they aren’t because the sure as hell are, now here I go gushing, but I hadn’t earlier because I foolishly thought I had the will power not to. As far as werewolves go though they’re all hot … well when they’re not trying to rip you to shreds.

I’ve read up on Patricia Briggs’ recent series “Alpha and Omega” based in the same world as Mercy’s and I bet it would be interesting to see her thorough someone else’s eyes, though she wouldn’t be in the middle of things.We get to know more about Bran’s son, and future Marrok, Charles.But I’ll be reading all about Mercy before I move on to that.

Overall Moon Called was an okay read  but I hope that Blood Bound would be better and a stronger and a more gripping plot.


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