Get up, pick up a book and read read read!

Yep.That is what you think it is.Hmm?...What's that?No.It is not Dracula's king size and no,that's not a pillow!*sighs*

Well let me tell you how surprised I was when I joined What got me was the number of people out there reading whether it’d be the traditional books or e-readers and what I’ve noticed was that many of my fellow good-readers were still kids. I’m talking 12 year olds and older here people! I’ve got a friend there and he’s read over 300 books and had a review for each and every one of them and he’s only, what, sixteen? Yeah, amazing right? My reaction exactly! But let’s face it; there are still not enough of us young people reading out there today. When I say books, I mean books almost or completely void of colourful pretty pictures.

Okay yes, we all have tons of boring, brain numbing loads of homework and some of us have part time jobs, no problem that’s spending time constructively. Mind you, I’m not going around telling every Jack and Jill out there what to do with their precious time but I’m advising and maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t hurt to squeeze in a book here and there for a momentary escape from the hustle and bustle of our lives.

It wouldn’t be fair of me to say that everyone today sits on their big exercise deprived behinds on the couch stuffing their faces and with their eyes glued to the television watching some stupid sit-com, funnily enough watching other people exercise, or heaven forbid porno, now would it?  What happened to getting lost in a good book blocking out the heat of reality for a few moments?

Here’s what reading beats:

  • In my opinion, it beats sniffling over some guy whose girlfriend cheated on him for his brother or best friend or some other idiot in some soppy soap opera.
  • Let moi see, yes, reading should be chosen over giving 5th graders wedgies and stringing up the unsuspecting kid up the flagpole (except when the said kid is a snob or a bully who’ll be tasting a dose of their own humiliating medicine, but that’s still mean)
  • It beats crying over a pair of shoes that you absolutely had had had  to have, oh the horrors!
  • And I’ll have to admit reading beats cleaning my room or doing the dishes, duties we sadly have to put down a book to complete or face the risk of being grounded and your Harry Potter collection confiscated! (I speak from experience, my friends)

I could go on, those who know me well are fully aware how true that is, but you see I wouldn’t for many would scoff “Why listen to her drivel about something called reading when we can sit on our asses playing video games, ignore the mountain range of homework and let’s party and chug some beer and increase our risk of dying of heart disease and liver failure. Bring on the Cheetos!” … yeah … right, so me typing more would  be a waste. But for those individuals that I’ve successfully convinced for you my heart beats with joy and congratulations to you!

The point I’m trying to drive home here is that instead of wasting time doing unproductive activities, benefiting nobody at all why not pick up a book and give your brain a workout, waking up the cobwebby depths of your imagination? And who knows maybe you’ll awaken your dormant appetite for reading! I live in hope!

Happy Reading!


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