What Happened to the beautiful sound of music?


I’m glad to say I’m not a fan of Linkin Park who is amongst the many who include obscene language in their “music” I believe some call it.I say it’s noise, that’s right noise pollution!I can’t take the screaming some bands incorporate into their work! It’s just frustrating!

What happened with the fun,lively, beautiful music of yesterday(the 70’s,80’s and 90’s also even before)?I prefer  to listen to the Beatles whole day! Oh,I’d listen to “Yesterday”, “We can Work it Out” over and over again.Tell me who has ever heard of Paul Mauriat?Anyone?Someone? His  “I Love Choppin” is amazing, not to mention “Windy” and “Love is Blue”! You could drift off to this abyss of peace and quietness,where you could just …just be.It’s relaxing,soothing and a delight and special treat to the ears, my equivalent to chocolate, Cadbury Dream to be a bit more specific.

Bach, Mozart, Miles Davis, Bob Acri and Debussy. It seems that most of  us young people of this generation think that that kind of music is for our dads and Grandpa’s, basically the old timers. Well I’ve got news, I’m a teenager, a proud one too who listens to them! Anyone can!
Please, please, please people … have a look at society today and tell me that music has no influence. Well?It sure as hell  impacts how people behave.Some  artists promote violence, with their ‘Gangsta’ attitude, giving us the impression that being a thug is cool, but it’s not. Ask yourself, is a drive-by shooting, where innocent men,women and children are murdered, is beyond cool? Is it awesome? Wake up and smell the coffee guys! This is the world we’re living in.

Music affects youths. If the young people listened to P.Mauriat and the other classics, frankly you’d be surprised how changed they’d be. Give them decent music, let them realize how wonderful it is and let them compare it to that noise we constantly hear around us. Good, decent, respectable music will make them pleasant, decent and respectable individuals! But the sad thing is, most kids aren’t willing to make the switch. But there’s still hope for a few of our contemporary musicians like my favourite Owl City and Taylor Swift.

Music videos greatly affect kids as well as adults. The clothes these girls wear would make me turn my face in shame and disgust. That’s where our girls get their fashion sense from … It’s a very sad world with people in it who make it the way it is.

With all of that being said may I ask, what happened to the beautiful sound of music?


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