“The Polar Express” – Aizu, Japan – Hideyuki Katagiri – Featured Photographer

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A stunning glimpse of a Winter Wonderland!

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The Polar Express Aizu Japan


“The Polar Express” – Aizu, Japan – Hideyuki Katagiri – Featured Photographer

This has got to be one of the most spectacular winter photos I have ever seen.  Is that train bound for the North Pole?  I knew Japan was beautiful, but my mind would have a hard time dreaming up a more beautiful winter wonderland.  So please, take another sip of hot coco, warm up by the fire, and enjoy Hideyuki’s amazing photo. Once you have soaked it all in please visit his site at http://500px.com/hideyuki-5.

Take it away Hideyuki:

This photo was taken two years ago.  This is the first bridge over the Tadami River in Mishima, Fukushima, Japan and famous for  the  Japanese railroad.  By the way, Fukushima divides into  three areas – Aizu, Hama dori, and Naka dori.  Here in the Aizu area the nature is very special. In winter, Aizu receives the heaviest snowfall  in almost…

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